Hello world!

hi! guys hey its me sajin! i am back with my blog!! it was down for a while! i was doing my project for a while, it was fuzzy e-farming system, u can see all about it here. so i am back to wordpress, i just like the interface here! its better than blogger. mean while i did a tutorial on instructables. its become a featured Instructables in 2 days, with 1000+ visits. i am also trying to get my hands on TIs EZ430 chronos…it is an amazing watch to learn about MSP430 or CC430 micros. and for all those peopel out there who is bored and does not know wat to do watch these videos. it is an amazing channel on electronics, help to to understand the theory in electronics.

when i first started into electronics i thought it was all about making stuff, and the theory is not “very” essential! but making my project had to go through a lot of basic theory, lots and lots of it, about current, voltage and lots of stuff like tat! how many of u actually know where to use a Mosfet and where to us a BJT or wats with JFET? or what is an SCR, ya we learned all that in or class! who remembers! but if u really want to get into making things start with a resistor! again…and go all the way up! microcontrollers comes last!! dont miss out on the basic and make a circuit with a nice with big processors!! it wont work!!(it should not work).

also for those who are not into electronics and still want to make stuff…visit arduino.cc or my instcuctable its any an easy way to start…

tada…cya later guys!


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