Use your Reliance Broadband+ modem with ubuntu10.4

connecting the broadband + modem using ubuntu was very difficult…so for those of u out there here you….go…

first go to this link and download and install the driver for linux…in the zip folder you will find three packages. install the package which is for your linux

now go to system>preferences>network connections

go to “mobile broad band” press ADD

select country “india” and ISP as “reliance”

check automatic connect..

set the number as #777

user name and password as 93XXXXXXXX

go to PPP tab> configuration methods only select PAP and CHAP

apply the setting and u might see it is NOT workin!!

that is because your modem functions as USB data storage and a Modem…for that you have to change the device signature..

Executed command ‘modprobe usbserial vendor=0×19d2 product=0xfff1′

and voila…it comes in the network connections tab…and it connects to the network!!press disconnect to “disconnect”…

dont kno…exactly how it work…but it WORKS!!!

thanks to TUXHAT


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