Bypass and Firewall

i did two things this week one is a HTTP tunnel to tunnel any network and access any sites that are blocked…
i thought it would be cool…so i installed Openssh on my Ubuntu(using synaptic manager),make sure the ssh server
is working by the folowing code
ssh sajin@localhost 22
-sajin is the user name(ur ubuntu user name)
-22 is the port number( u can change it using the config file at etc/ssh/..)

once u are sure it is working go to your router page by and set the NAT for virtual servers

tell the Router to forward the Wan Packets with port 22 to LAN your IP.

that all u have to do….

now call your poor friend who has the problem(where are the good sites are blocked;-))

tell him to download putty


Enable Compression(SSH setting in putty and select SSH version as 2 or Only 2)

GO to tunnel option and set port as 9000/8888/6666 wat ever u like and select dynamic option.

Go to sessions in putty and select SSH put in u external WAN ip and Click on OPEN..

enter login details and see if the connection is proper, now the magic, go to Firefox network settings…

select manual proxy, keep all fields as 0 except the last on that is SOCKS5…enter “localhost” with port number that u have set in tunnel options in putty.

also mention no proxy for local host.

and viola, u have ur PC connected securely to another PC through an SSH tunnel now u can browse all u want. Now when ever u access the website is accessed by the remote PC, and your local network firewall will not able to stop the traffic as it is encrypted.



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