Eating you Raspberry Pi

i recently bought the super cool super cheap Rasberry Pi, it is a low cost ARM dev board, that has an ARM 11 from Broadcom BCM2835 running at 700MHZ, a video core and 256MB of RAM. The board has USB, Ethernet , GPIOs, HDMI, Analog Video, Audio, CMOS camera and LCD connectors almost everything you need… and its just for 25$…
The support for this board is just amazing and the unlimited possibilities for expansion and development, i installed the Raspbian “wheezy” from the Download site. this website gives u all the details you need on how to setup your SD card to get this baby booted. I did have some trouble using MAC OSX, the pi would not boot, but using the windows tool it worked… after you have set up your your SD card all you have to do is connect ur USB Keyboard, USB mouse, USB power (u can use your Mini usb phone charger), Ethernet (if you want internet Access). HDMI or Analogue Video to your TV/Monitor. You should see the Raspberry Pi logo almost instantly on you screen. It takes approximately 30-45 seconds to boot up. for the user name just put in “root” and hit enter.  execute startx command to go to your desktop…

the Rasberry pi has a few browsers like dillo pre installed (sadly does not play FLASH). The GUI is simple and fast, running multiple application is quite a crunch for the CPU, The Package is pre installed with python and u can get libraries for Raspberry Pi to control the GPIO and other peripherals. you can get more details from here for low-level peripherals. or download the GPIO python library here.. i have hosted a website on this tiny server…its running a Apache2, no-ip service for dynamic ip, SQL lite and phpsysinfo for server status view, go to the site now, i should be posting an tutorial on how to get this done soon…


4 thoughts on “Eating you Raspberry Pi

  1. This is great! The more word we get about this awesome project the bettter.

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