Makerfaire 2013

Again this year i find myself at World Maker Faire 2013, on 21st of sep at the New York Hall of Science (no clue how i got here) . Met a lot of amazing makers, and spend a lot, on things i might never use 🙂 … check out this short video of few of the interesting exhibits at the maker faire.

All the projects, talks and demos were exceptional and unique in their own way but some deserve more credit. So this is my TOP list for the Maker Faire 2013.. check it out..

3d Printed Humanoid...

3d Printed Humanoid…

some robot boxing at Microsoft...

some robot boxing at Microsoft…

he is so cool...

he is so cool…(check out the video)

Check these out Carte Blanche Press (totally unexpected) , the Owl Lab flex sensor, the XRONOSCLOCK , Teslatronix



My Make: cup with a Sugru handle

The faire was huge this year, I feel a day was not enough to go through all the projects. I will definitely be there next year and try to cover a bit more.. check out for more pics and updates 🙂 enjoy…

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