24hrs of hacking

just back from the first ever hackathon i helped organize, at LowellMakes . Met some awesome people and finally got to MAKE something(after a long break ). I build a simple framework for User and Entry management to maker spaces. This initial idea came to me when one of the makers told me how expensive it is to get a professional RFID entry system installed. “There was no reason we should not build one”- I said …

so i build one 🙂 … i used the ID-12LA, 125Khz RFID reader from sparkfun and a raspberry pi. The ID12-LA works on 3.3v hence we could directly hook it up to GPIOs of the Raspberry pi. i also ended up using the Pi-Face to hook up leds and Relays for the Magnetic lock. with a few lines of code, here i was able to create an RFID locking system that uses a CSV database of users, cards and access levels to lock and un-lock doors or activate machines at makersspaces (and maintain a log of everything 🙂 ). The tool still needs some work, but i guess it is good for the 12-13hrs I put in (i was a little distracted by the 3D printer).. don’t forget to vote for my project http://lowellmakes-opening.challengepost.com/submissions/18357-rfid-entry-system


pi time….

xlarge (1)

pi+ RFID

photo (1)

very distracting

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