System call explained

I recently got stuck with this problem, when i do a system (“/bin/mytestexe -s 13”)call. it  would return a 100 insted of a 1, many forums do give a lot of vague explanations why this happens. the the answer to this problem can be found in the WAIT.h file. If you go thorough this file we will get to know that. The return is 4bytes long not 8…
2byte code return, 2 byte execution info
1) bytes code return:
It shows the value my code has returned. my function (executable) used to return a 1. this makes the output 100.

2) bytes execution info
It shows the info of the command, for example the compiler could not find “/bin/mytestexe” it would return a 127 error if it cant the the file. Refer (sys/wait.h) for more details efinisions of the error codes.

Pong Game on FPGA

Haven’t been able to update my blog for a very long time, as my graduate work at RIT i had developed an PONG game, it was a fun project we learnt a lot video generation, PS2 protocol decoding and game algorithm, the PONG game is a very standard game it uses the Xilinx University Program Board which hosts a Virtex 2P FPGA, The board has very powerful features and has on-board FLEX for PS/2 and has very robust VGA output. The code for the project is opensource and free to use, a small line of credit for would be nice, the code is quite disorganized and might be difficult to use but u will figure it out eventually. u can see the Demo below…have fun!!![DOWNLOAD CODE]