Interfacing Sensors to Minecraft

We all Know Minecraft is an awesome game, and raspberry pi has made it more awesome. With the Minecraft API we can now write simple python scripts to interface read world sensors and button to the Minecraft world.  I would also like to thank Jon Schull who inspired me to write this tutorial. Go check out the tutorial here….


Raspberry Pi wireless speakers

I have been trying to make an wireless speakers for quite some time, but got stuck in at couple of places. Finally I found Kmonkey‘s work with some help from Colin CW which helped me to cross those hurdles and make my own wireless speakers. The AIRPLAY method also works well with the PI, but the Bluetooth ones are more useful, I was thinking of putting one in my car. so all you raspberry pi fans out there go make your own wireless speakers.

photo 2

visit my github for code that will start the Bluetooth on startup, and wait for a connection, the code is very basic and works feel free to tailor it to your needs…

Rob Bishop @ RIT

Rob Bishop the tech evangelist for the Raspberry Pi is coming down to RIT for the 3rd ARM developers day. Raspberry Pi has become accepted world wide as the next best thing to The Arduino, The raspberry pi has changed the way we learn computers around the world…So come experience this awe inspiring talk by Rob Bishop at RIT.

Registrations open on Friday

ARM developers’ day is finally here, the registrations would be open on friday(12/8/2012) 5:00 pm EST, only RIT students are permitted for DAY 1. The Raspberry Pi workshop on Dec 1st is open to the public. more updates soon. 


Living with your raspberry pi…

I have finally been able to put together a few tutorials on how i used my raspberry pi and how you can do the same, i have referred a lot of tutorials and guides to come up with this, and i hope this would be useful…The Host Your website instructable is quite basic and would help you get started on your raspberry pi, The talking to sensors tutorial is more advanced and required an advanced understanding of linux commands and Python. So go ahead have fun living with your raspberry pi…

Halloween Cookie jar prank

just completed my cookie jar prank tutorial for, it uses just three components that you can buy from any Radio shack. This cooke jar sounds a loud alarm if any un-authorized friend tries to steal your cookies, You can also use it to play a prank on ur little sister.. 🙂 and it took me 15 min to finish the whole project, happy halloween guys!! and do visit the tutorial here

Day at the MAKERFAIRE 2012

I was super excited to meet all the wonderful, talented and creative makers from all around the world. here are a few of the photos from my trip..

I think maker fair was more about 3D printers this time, they even had a 3D printing farm, Make 3D and a lot of exhibits  on 3d printing and few on shop bot( bot which works on wood). Make also introduced their new Replicator2 the new maker bot from MAKE. they were a lot of goodies from PJ tools and Xprotolab (20$ oscilloscope + logic analyzer . I was quite amazed with the Xprotolab, tiny little oscilloscope and logic analyzer that can fit on your bread board, i did like the I2C logic analyzer it gets rids of all the waveform and shows your the raw data..not bad for a 20$ oscilloscope.

Make also gave away a free edition of the make magazine, in the MAKE stall. I also got to meet PETE from spark fun electronics who does according to PETE, a very friendly guy!!

here we go…

The most innovative make bot ever, and i luv the precision. the B9 creator

Arduinos cant get any bigger…I was happy to hear about the new arduino with the ARM cortex M) now we can play music with the the DAC on chip (it works… saw him do it) and has a debugger and USB host . Loved the speech by ALF the mastermind behind the AVR architecture.

i had always see this on you tube…non Newtonian fluids

and there was light…lots and lots of LEDs

That is eben from raspberry pi, a very inspirational talk, on how he can afford to make and sell raspberry pi made in Wales,UK for 35$.

Me with the Co-Founder of Arduino project, a man with a big heart for opensource….

PETE from sparkfun very humble and friendly…

the Metro card Robot, turned a lot of heads…

This tiny robots are really cute..

and there was music..

and a free 3D-MAKE magazine…

firefox@makerfair to introduce the new webmaker

i did buy a T-Shirt got a few stickers from sparkfun…took the train to times Square…

God bless america….(thanks for reading….)

luv the the MakerFaire and u T….

Eating you Raspberry Pi

i recently bought the super cool super cheap Rasberry Pi, it is a low cost ARM dev board, that has an ARM 11 from Broadcom BCM2835 running at 700MHZ, a video core and 256MB of RAM. The board has USB, Ethernet , GPIOs, HDMI, Analog Video, Audio, CMOS camera and LCD connectors almost everything you need… and its just for 25$…
The support for this board is just amazing and the unlimited possibilities for expansion and development, i installed the Raspbian “wheezy” from the Download site. this website gives u all the details you need on how to setup your SD card to get this baby booted. I did have some trouble using MAC OSX, the pi would not boot, but using the windows tool it worked… after you have set up your your SD card all you have to do is connect ur USB Keyboard, USB mouse, USB power (u can use your Mini usb phone charger), Ethernet (if you want internet Access). HDMI or Analogue Video to your TV/Monitor. You should see the Raspberry Pi logo almost instantly on you screen. It takes approximately 30-45 seconds to boot up. for the user name just put in “root” and hit enter.  execute startx command to go to your desktop…

the Rasberry pi has a few browsers like dillo pre installed (sadly does not play FLASH). The GUI is simple and fast, running multiple application is quite a crunch for the CPU, The Package is pre installed with python and u can get libraries for Raspberry Pi to control the GPIO and other peripherals. you can get more details from here for low-level peripherals. or download the GPIO python library here.. i have hosted a website on this tiny server…its running a Apache2, no-ip service for dynamic ip, SQL lite and phpsysinfo for server status view, go to the site now, i should be posting an tutorial on how to get this done soon…

System call explained

I recently got stuck with this problem, when i do a system (“/bin/mytestexe -s 13”)call. it  would return a 100 insted of a 1, many forums do give a lot of vague explanations why this happens. the the answer to this problem can be found in the WAIT.h file. If you go thorough this file we will get to know that. The return is 4bytes long not 8…
2byte code return, 2 byte execution info
1) bytes code return:
It shows the value my code has returned. my function (executable) used to return a 1. this makes the output 100.

2) bytes execution info
It shows the info of the command, for example the compiler could not find “/bin/mytestexe” it would return a 127 error if it cant the the file. Refer (sys/wait.h) for more details efinisions of the error codes.

The world of LVS and DRCs…

Finally completed my full custom layout for the 4x4Multiplier. The project was completed as a graduate course requirement. With a minimum transistor design for mode select for signed and un-signed multiplication. The Full custom design incorporating a BIST(build in self test) module with a Pseudo random sequence generator for testing the function of the circuit / chip. I have also designed a VHDL code to test the design (send me a comment with ur email address for the code… The pic below show my full design…(and 100 hrs in the LAB 😦 ). I have made report open source(please ignore all the tiny mistakes :-D), please mention if you are reproducing this work.Report Download

Final Circuit

Final Custom Layout