Makers have an answer for everything

10:00 am(1/26/2013)- I get a text from @leftyfb “pipes broken at lowellmakes come fast”

11:00 am-  We find our store room with 2 inches of water, laptops switches and sparkfun kits all drenched.



11:30 am- Makers get to work!! @leftyfb brings in water pumps used in his fish tank to pump water out.

1:00pm- More makes join in with mops and buckets

2:00pm- The Lowell fire, police and public works try to stop the broken water line.

3:00pm- The water still keeps gushing down the crack on the wall

water water everywhere...

water water everywhere…

4:00pm- Makers build a dam to contain the water



5:00pm- There is too much water for the fish tank pumps to pump out.

6:00pm- We head over to lowe’s to get a real water pump.

7:00pm- We have the water pump hooked on to a timer that goes on every 30 min. to pump the water out from the store room to a drain

image (2)

timer connected to the pump

9:00pm- Ha! now we are getting some progress. but the water still keeps pouring.

9:30pm- Makers take apart laptops and use compressed air to salvage a few remaining laptops that were not completely drenched.

10:30pm- Makers get to work on a flood detection system using raspberry pi, pi-face and a block of wood.

image (3)

pi-saves the day…

image (1)

water detection..

11:00pm- With some bad python codes and the twilio API , we put together a floating water detection system that would send us an text message if the water rises above a certain level.(code here)

11:00pm- We setup up dropcams to keep an eye on the space.Thanks dropcam!! live feed

image (5)

a watchful eye

12:00am- All the makers go home for a nap 🙂

The pump worked the whole night in 30min cycles to pump water out, the dropcam kept an eye on the leak and the raspberry pi made sure it woke up the Makers if there was more flooding…  This might have been a small problem that was completely over engineered but this shows the dedication and creativity of Makers and their skill to use what was lying around to solve a real problem. The professional water damage contractor who came in the next day was surprised and very impressed with the ingenious way this problem was tackled and he said “we could not have done this better”… Thanks to all the makers who gave up their Sunday night plans to be here and help us out. keep checking out lowellmakes for updates (or @lowellmakes)

Living with your raspberry pi…

I have finally been able to put together a few tutorials on how i used my raspberry pi and how you can do the same, i have referred a lot of tutorials and guides to come up with this, and i hope this would be useful…The Host Your website instructable is quite basic and would help you get started on your raspberry pi, The talking to sensors tutorial is more advanced and required an advanced understanding of linux commands and Python. So go ahead have fun living with your raspberry pi…

Halloween Cookie jar prank

just completed my cookie jar prank tutorial for, it uses just three components that you can buy from any Radio shack. This cooke jar sounds a loud alarm if any un-authorized friend tries to steal your cookies, You can also use it to play a prank on ur little sister.. 🙂 and it took me 15 min to finish the whole project, happy halloween guys!! and do visit the tutorial here

Pong Game on FPGA

Haven’t been able to update my blog for a very long time, as my graduate work at RIT i had developed an PONG game, it was a fun project we learnt a lot video generation, PS2 protocol decoding and game algorithm, the PONG game is a very standard game it uses the Xilinx University Program Board which hosts a Virtex 2P FPGA, The board has very powerful features and has on-board FLEX for PS/2 and has very robust VGA output. The code for the project is opensource and free to use, a small line of credit for would be nice, the code is quite disorganized and might be difficult to use but u will figure it out eventually. u can see the Demo below…have fun!!![DOWNLOAD CODE]

Hello world!

hi! guys hey its me sajin! i am back with my blog!! it was down for a while! i was doing my project for a while, it was fuzzy e-farming system, u can see all about it here. so i am back to wordpress, i just like the interface here! its better than blogger. mean while i did a tutorial on instructables. its become a featured Instructables in 2 days, with 1000+ visits. i am also trying to get my hands on TIs EZ430 chronos…it is an amazing watch to learn about MSP430 or CC430 micros. and for all those peopel out there who is bored and does not know wat to do watch these videos. it is an amazing channel on electronics, help to to understand the theory in electronics.

when i first started into electronics i thought it was all about making stuff, and the theory is not “very” essential! but making my project had to go through a lot of basic theory, lots and lots of it, about current, voltage and lots of stuff like tat! how many of u actually know where to use a Mosfet and where to us a BJT or wats with JFET? or what is an SCR, ya we learned all that in or class! who remembers! but if u really want to get into making things start with a resistor! again…and go all the way up! microcontrollers comes last!! dont miss out on the basic and make a circuit with a nice with big processors!! it wont work!!(it should not work).

also for those who are not into electronics and still want to make stuff…visit or my instcuctable its any an easy way to start…

tada…cya later guys!