Mobile blogin…

Hey this is me testing mobiword, which is a python based mobile bloggin app. For nokia s60 device. WordPress app is not supported by s60 , but i think its quite good! With a very simple yet powerful interface. I will be posting the links for python and mobiword very soon! The editior alows u to insert images , links and lots of features like font style!

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trouble adding Facebook badge!!

hi guys adding a face book profile badge in your website or blog…can be quite tricky!!

all u hav to do is, go to this link click here.. here u will see Others + click on it!!

copy the code below it…

might look like this

!-- Facebook Badge START bla bla bla.....-->
< title="Sajin George" href="" target="_TOP">
more bla..bla...bla..bla bla.. img src="" width="120">Create Your Badge more bla bla bla!-- Facebook Badge END -->

when you click on appearance>>Widgets…u will get two collums available widgets and sidebar1.. now you have to drag the text widget from the the available widgets and drop it in the sidebar1 column, now press the little arrow and u will get two text box title and another big text box under it..u can type in your own title and paste the code genereated by facebook in the bigger box below!

now wen u save it..and try to open the ur blog!! u might see the badge is not working!! so here is something u can try to make it work…

if u look at  the code properly u will see this line…" width="120" height="238" style="border: 0px

here is where the problem lies!!

change it to…" width="120" height="238" style="border: 0px

u might see it still does not work tat is because! for some reason…it changes does not get saved!! so u have to delete the widget…start over…but this time paste the corrected link..and press SAVE..voila!! your facebook profile badge for your website!!